Reality Based Self Defense 19 Principles You Must Know For Surviving A Real World Street Attack

Real-world self-defense is a very serious matter. And while you can have a lot of fun during practice sessions, you must remember that you are not training for a sport or tournament match, where the only thing on the line is a shiny trophy or a new martial art belt.

The following set of principles should be considered and taken to heart. They should be burned into your memory and made a part of your practice and study. And, they should be used as a guide to make sure that the program you're studying and the person you've chosen to teach you how to not die in a real-world situation, is right for the job.

Consider each of these principles very carefully. Because missing even one of them could spell disaster.

1. In a self-defense situation, you WILL get hurt

2. You are your own first-line of self-defense

3. The Police can't protect you - they won't even show up until the attack is over

4. You WILL be the underdog - attackers don't pick targets they think will win

5. It will happen when you LEAST expect it

6. You must stay in the moment - FOCUS!

7. Contrary to what mom and dad taught you, you must be WILLING to hurt another human being

8. If you want to survive, you must be ABLE to hurt another human being

9. The law may NOT be on your side

10. You must be able to control the distance and your assailant's ability to get at you

11. You must be able to control your attacker's perceptions of what is happening

12. Don't focus too much on your technique - he'll know what you're doing

13. Your job is not to "win" or "lose" - It's to go home intact

14. If he can't hit you, he can't hurt you, and...

15. If he can't hurt you, he can't beat you

16. You can't bring a knife to a gunfight and expect to win

17. The assault's not over until your attacker says it is

18. Be willing to do whatever it takes

19. It's not cheating - think of it as "rearranging the odds in your favor!"

Your ultimate survival in a street attack will depend on three very important things. It will depend on what you have done to properly prepare beforehand. It will depend on what you do correctly during the attack. And, it will depend on how well you can deal with the consequences arising out of your decision and chosen actions to protect yourself from danger.

Remember: "You are either what you choose to be or what you have allowed yourself to become."

"Victim" or "Survivor."

The choice is yours.

Train hard, train honest live safe,
-Darrin Walton,


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