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George Foreman

His amateur career came to a close with an amazing record of 27-0. He turned professional in 1969, winning 12 fights that year with 11 of them won by knockout. He continued his quest towards claiming the undisputed heavyweight title during 1970 when he won every one of his twelve fights that year. Again, eleven of his victories were by knockout. Throughout 1971, George Foreman claimed seven more victories. By this time, he had amassed an impressive 32-0 record and was considered the number one challenger by both the WBC and the WBA. Foreman continued his string of victories adding five more victories in 1972. Each of these victories was won within three rounds.

He finished his amateur career with an incredible 27-0 record before turning professional in 1969. That year, he won a total of 12 fights, with 11 via knockout. The following year, he continued on in pursuit of the undisputed heavyweight title by winning every one of his 12 fights in 1970, again with 11 of them by knockout. In 1971, Foreman won seven more victories. He had earned a phenomenal record of 32-0 by then, and was considered by the WBC and WBA to be the top challenger. Foreman continued his victorious streak with an additional five victories in 1972. He won each of these victories in three rounds.

In a historic 1973 match up, Foreman fought Joe Frazier, the undisputed and undefeated heavyweight world champion. In a bout called the Sunshine Showdown, broadcast by HBO Boxing, Foreman knocked Frazier to the canvas six times in only two rounds to win the championship by knockout. This became one of the greatest upsets in boxing history. Many boxing fans will always remember that final blow ” a forceful uppercut that lifted Frazier completely off his feet before crashing down for the last time.

However, he made a comeback, returning to boxing in 1976. Foreman continued boxing until 1977 when he experienced what he felt was a near death experience. He became very ill in his dressing room in Puerto Rico after losing to Jimmy Young in a 12 round decision. He was frightened by this sudden illness and asked God to help him. He reported that God asked him to change the ways of his life. He became a born again Christian, dedicating his life to Christianity. He jokes that Jimmy Young literally knocked the devil out of him.

Foreman returned to boxing with a comeback in 1976. He continued until 1977 when he experienced what seemed to be a near death experience. After losing to Jimmy Young in a difficult 12 round decision in Puerto Rico, he began to feel sick in his dressing room. He was terrified by this sudden illness, and asked God for help. Foreman says God asked him to change his life, prompting Foreman to become a born again Christian. After dedicating his life to Christianity, Foreman remarked that Jimmy Young quite literally beat the devil out of him.

Though he never did formally retire from boxing, he did leave the boxing scene. He became a church pastor, with great devotion to his family and his church members. A youth center was opened in his name, and he continues to speak about his powerful conversion experience.

After ten years out of the ring, he made a second comeback. In 1988, he announced that he would return to boxing at the age of 38. He wanted to show people that age should not be considered a barrier in regards to achieving goals. During 1988, he won eight fights, although none of his challengers was a rated contender. Foreman continued with a string of victories as well as some notable defeats.

Surprisingly, Foreman made another boxing comeback after 10 years out of the ring. At the mature age of 38, Foreman announced in 1988 that he would be returning to boxing. His aim was to show people that age did have to prevent anyone from achieving their goals. Foreman won eight fights that year, though none of his opponents were rated contenders. Foreman gained many victories, and some memorable defeats as well.

In 2003, Foreman was inducted to the International Boxing Hall of Fame and was named as the ninth greatest puncher of all time.

His other business ventures include doing commercials for Meineke Mufflers and promotion of his George Foreman Grill. He also began marketing his own brand of Big and Tall clothing through Casual Male in 2004.

He starred in his own sit-com in 1993, was a judge on a realty series, American Inventor. In July of 2008 a reality show, Family Foreman, starring George and his family premiered.

In 1993, he starred in his own sitcom. Hes also been a judge on American Inventor, a TV reality series. Most recently, Foreman appeared in a July 2008 reality show titled Family Foreman which featured George and his family.

He has also published four books; all related to his life experiences. These books are sure to be interesting reading considering the interesting life George Foreman has led thus far.

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